multi level home deck
Multi-level decks add depth and layers to your outdoor living experience.

Before building a residential deck or adding a deck to your home in Baytown Texas you might want to take a moment to read a little further. Planning ahead and thinking about these items below will help in the design and building process.

Things to Consider

  • Deck Placement
  • What type of material to use
  • Adding a cover or Arbor
  • Drainage
  • Adding metal or Wood railing
  • Lighting

Deck Placement

Residential deck Placement is important based on how your house is built and what existing trees/shade is available. When building a new deck you want it to feel like an extension of your home. Keeping with the design elements you want to make it easy to enjoy. The more user friendly you make the space the more you will use it.

Different Types of Material

While the most popular and affordable residential decks material is wood there are some options there as well. You can use treated or untreated wood. Untreated would requires more maintenance and needs protection from the elements from day one. Composite decks are usually a bit more in the upfront investment but give the longest maintenance free service. With a composite residential deck in Baytown Texas you can enjoy years of trouble free outdoor living.

Adding an Arbor or Covering to your deck.

If you do not have existing shade trees to build under you may want to consider adding some shade. This will give you a much longer season to use your new deck in Texas. There are many options you have available such as an Arbor that lets in partial light of perhaps something such as a shade sail or two. There are many options to consider, such as maintenance and long term usability.


Keeping the home and underdeck area drained and free from clutter is key to keeping your deck strong and free of possible water damage. Some things to consider are where do your downspouts land and the slope in which your house drains.


Many people like to add railings to their residential decks. There are several options available here. The basic wood railing is strong and helps keep people from falling of tripping off the deck. Metal deck railing is a great way tp add different colors and material that look richer. The use of metal posts and cable for the railing is another design element that lends to the ascetic look and feel of your new deck.


Deck lighting is a great way to enhance the look of your home deck. It makes the space more usable at night and also add safety to the parts of your residential deck that may not be served by overhead lighting. You should consider looking into stair accent lighting and post accent lighting. This not only adds safety to your new deck build but it looks amazing on a Baytown Texas evening.

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